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Our Work. 

ILP’s work to combat corruption, illicit financial flows and tax evasion has increasingly taken place within an environmental context, as corrupt actors take advantage of ineffective fiscal policies and weak environmental laws, allowing illicit activities to thrive. These not only damage the environment and exacerbate the impacts of climate change but also disproportionately affect the poorest and most vulnerable communities, particularly in developing economies. 


ILP facilitates access to expert legal advice to help civil society organisations and affected communities hold actors to account for environmental degradation; advocate for stronger environmental policies and better governance of natural resources; and address environmental crimes, such as wildlife trafficking and illegal fishing and logging. We also work with governments in developing countries to build their capacity in enforcing environmental laws, protecting environmental rights, using climate finance instruments to transition to green economies, and promoting climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies to help achieve the Paris Agreement.

Recent Cases & Projects



Our Work. 

  • Providing strategic litigation advice to hold a multinational corporation accountable for polluting a river that local farming communities rely on in Western Kenya. 

  • Supporting a 1,000 member consortium of African climate justice NGOs by delivering capacity building for Members of Parliament on climate change strategies and policies to help African nations better implement their obligations under their respective climate change laws.

  • Providing emergency legal support to a Ugandan civil society organisation seeking an injunction to stop the deforestation of a forest reserve for sugarcane cultivation by a multinational corporation.

  • Improving access to justice and advocating for the rights of communities facing illegal encroachment on their land by mining companies by enhancing the legal skills and knowledge of paralegals and community leaders in Zambia and Kenya.

  • Providing legal advice to a civil society organisation in the Republic of Georgia on whether a Hydropower plant approval has breached EU environmental regulations and conventions the government is bound by.

  • Advising an international NGO and officials in 13 countries on improving illegal wildlife, marine and forest product trafficking enforcement in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa by:

    • Reviewing wildlife, marine and forest protection legislation in five countries including Tanzania and Congo;

    • Providing gap analysis and advising on better implementation of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species in seven countries including Nepal and Sri Lanka;

    • Delivering capacity building for border, quarantine, enforcement and forestry officials in Malaysia and India.

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