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Environment and Climate Change



Our Work. 

We challenge economic injustice caused by environmental damage, climate change and illegal resource trafficking (including wildlife, timber and other natural resources) by: helping affected communities hold actors to account for environmental degradation, and advocate for stronger environmental policies and better governance of natural resources; as well as building the capacity of governments to better enforce environmental laws, protect environmental rights, use climate finance instruments to transition to green economies, and promote climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies to help achieve the Paris Agreement.

50% of the world's biodiversity is found in rainforests. Safeguarding critical habitat is the most effective way to protect species

Recent Cases & Projects



Holding Companies Accountable for Environmental Degradation

Combating Global Wildlife Trafficking

  • Providing legal advice to a civil society organisation in the Republic of Georgia on whether approval for a Hydropower plant displacing a number of villages has breached EU environmental regulations and conventions the government is bound by.

  • Supporting local farming communities in Western Kenya to legally challenge a sugar company involved in polluting the River Kibos and the neighbouring farmlands that the community rely on. This project seeks justice on behalf of these communities and emphasises the impact of water pollution on people and their livelihoods, and the need for better implementation of environmental safeguards.

  • ILP has entered into a partnership with TRAFFIC, one of the world’s leading anti-wildlife trafficking organisations, and has been asked to provide legal assistance on matters such as analysis of marine and wildlife trade legislation and capacity building for forest enforcement officials in various countries around the world, including China, Indonesia, Tanzania and sub-Saharan Africa, among others.

Hugging Monkeys
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