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If you are a student or recent graduate you can apply for our legal fellowship programme. We select three legal fellows every three months to work with us on client cases, projects, and research. We ask that you are able to commit to three days per week. We provide lunch and transport expenses (within London Zones 1-6) from our charitable donations. 

A legal fellowship at ILP provides a great opportunity for someone who is interested in gaining a deeper experience of the NGO sector, knowledge and awareness of the issues facing our clients, developing their research and client skills, and getting exposed to how lawyers can engage in international pro bono work. 

"As a legal fellow, I found myself surrounded by leading experts dedicated to mentoring me and preparing me for a successful career. I was assigned tasks that challenged me, such as researching technical aspects of the law and drafting documents. This enabled me to put my skills to the test in the real world. I found the complexity of working around different jurisdictions made the work academically stimulating and rewarding. Working at ILP has given me a broader awareness of global challenges and has shown me how truly invaluable CSOs and pro bono lawyers are to society."

- Shaana Sangar, Legal Fellow 2020

At every stage of the projects carried out, I felt like my input was valued and that I was truly making a difference. This gave me the opportunity to take control of my development and learning, boost my CV, and I felt personally accountable for the work done. In addition, I also enjoyed the varied nature of the work done at the organisation; no two projects were the same, so I truly felt like I was learning something new every single day. This, combined with the infectious enthusiasm of the team, meant that there was never a dull day in the office!”

- Quin Pau,  2019 ILP Legal Fellow.

How to apply:


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