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ILP acts as a supporting partner, by extending an immediate network in times of need for NGOs and journalists, without which the reform impact of their work might fail to reach its full potential. ILP’s 2019 strategy review has helped us to frame our contribution, particularly within Sustainable Development Goals 16, to reflect what our team perceives to be a key gap in CSO and journalistic efforts in accessing and utilising legal analysis and remedies to increase transparency, accountability, and good governance. 

Recent Cases & Projects

Our Work

● Supporting an investigative journalism consortium with the submission of corruption cases to USA government sanctions team to freeze kleptocrats’ assets and deny visa entry 
● Representing African journalists at the UK Information Tribunal regarding bio samples from DRC citizens 
● Protecting researchers publishing evidence of corruption and human rights abuses in Burundi from libel actions 
● Capacity training in Zimbabwe on media law protections and litigation routes to access information
● Working with the Law Society of Zimbabwe to improve the quality and range of Continuing Professional Development media courses available to lawyers, including in rural areas

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