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ILP has been supporting media freedom since it was founded in 2005. We organise pro bono, expert legal support and defence for independent investigative journalists and their sources and collaborators in civil society or government - who are engaged in exposing corruption, tax evasion, environmental damage and trafficking of wildlife or natural resources, worldwide.

We extend an immediate support network in times of need for these frontline individuals and organisations, without which they may be silenced (or worse), and the reform impact of their work might fail to reach its full potential. We ensure that journalists are protected in publishing their work, and can legally access the data they need. The cases we support help achieve our organisational objectives of fighting corruption and illicit financial flows, and exposing breaches of environmental standards. We aim to fill a key gap in civil society and journalistic efforts in accessing and utilising legal analysis and remedies to increase transparency, accountability, and good governance.

Recent Cases & Projects



Our Work. 

● Protecting researchers, journalists and documentary makers publishing evidence of: corruption and human rights abuses in Burundi; Swiss-Ugandan gold smuggling and war looting; and military corruption in Mali.

● Securing emergency representation for a Pakistani media outlet exposing high level corruption and the laundering of hundreds of millions of pounds through the purchase of London real estate by a powerful mafia baron.

● Acquiring data and securing legal representation for an Ethiopian journalist seeking to expose trading of biological samples taken for research without consent by a UK-based company during the West Africa Ebola crisis. The case is now on appeal to determine a global, legally binding precedent on whether non UK-based media outlets are entitled to a response on FOI requests from the UK government.

● Advising a whistle-blower on the applicability of defence provisions in Icelandic and Namibian whistle-blower laws so they can continue to support media and prosecutions agencies investigating the ‘Fishrot’ scandal. Dozens of individuals have been arrested following their data leaks on multi-million dollar bribes paid to senior Namibian officials by an Icelandic fishing company.

● Advising a whistle blower on UK Contempt of Courts restrictions on sharing information with the media. The media expose helped to pressurise the Attorney General to approve a formal investigation by the Serious Fraud Office into large bribes paid by a UK defence contractor to Middle East officials.

● Delivering capacity building to media lawyers in developing economies on, for example, how to use media legislation to support local journalists in their work, whether defensively or for investigations, legislative best practice and how to ensure good laws are well implemented.

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