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Enhancing Legislation on Access to Information in Guyana

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Members of the Transparency Institute of Guyana Inc. participating in the anti-corruption walk organised by the State Assets Recovery Agency (SARA).


The Transparency Institute of Guyana (TIGI) sought to enhance Guyana’s legal framework and practice around access to information to counter the culture of secrecy that facilitates grand corruption and state capture. TIGI has documented examples over the years which establish a pattern of how secrecy enables a few politically well-connected and wealthy insiders to benefit from government funds at the expense of the majority of Guyana’s citizens. This is even more worrisome for the future development of the country, as Guyana is the fastest growing economy in the world, with a projected 49% growth in 2022.

According to TIGI, the political system that has emerged is one that promotes a culture of political patronage, the accumulation of illicit wealth, alienation of the majority from the benefits of economic opportunity, and corruption in general. Enhanced transparency and public accountability are key to addressing these issues of public concern.


ILP’s Action

We supported TIGI to obtain a legal analysis of the Access to Information Act and proposed amendments to it to bring the law into conformity with established best practices, improve accountability of the government for their obligations under this right, and enable the public to access information with greater ease.



The proposed amendments will be used as part of a national campaign by TIGI to demand more transparent governance and expedient access to information in Guyana.

Representatives of the Transparency Institute of Guyana (TIGI) marching along Main Street in commemoration of World Anti-Corruption Day.

(Photo by Keno George)


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