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Evening up the scales of justice

We are an economic and environmental justice charity. We mobilise thousands of lawyers from around the world to help grassroots communities achieve economic and environmental justice.

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Our Mission

We help local actors build their capacity, whether through formal training sessions, workshops, representation, and advice, or through extended engagement and mentoring for communities, officials, and civil society representatives to create long-lasting change in some of the world's poorest regions.

Brief Overview


We connect those who can give their time and expert advice to those who can utilise it. 


Our staff and volunteers have deep technical knowledge and civil society experience.

We are committed to supporting the

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


We partner with a number of civil society, investigative media and reformist government officials to promote economic justice and to effect change.

Our Influence

Over the past seventeen years, our pro-bono work has been invaluable in helping reformist actors balance the scales of justice. Our team of economists, lawyers, and judges have supported projects and programmes in more than 100 countries to bring about economic and environmental justice through curbing fiscal leakages, reducing corruption, protecting the environment and civic space.

Our Partners

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