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We advance economic and environmental justice and the rule of law through the provision of pro bono legal expertise to civil society, communities, and governments.

Our vision is a just and sustainable world in which law serves as a tool for those who need it the most.

A group of people from the Narasha community with the Executive Director of Internation Lawyers Project

Justice is Expensive

Whilst the scales of justice are supposed to be evenly weighted, by spending millions on expensive lawyers, and lobbying and corrupting politicians, wealthy actors can weigh those scales in their favour.


This comes at the expense of marginalised communities who cannot afford to use the law in their interests, and in the interests of a sustainable future.


We draw on the huge levels of passion and expertise that lawyers across the world have for creating a just and sustainable future. We ‘even up the scales of justice’ by mobilising teams of the world’s best lawyers – to work for free, and for as long as it takes.

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Some of Our Funders

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What Our Partners Say

The impact ILP helps us and our in-country chapters achieve is incredible - they help us to pick the right cases, actively convene the right legal teams, and are deeply networked both within international civil society and with legal specialists around the world.

Kush Amin
Transparency International

ILP is a complete gem - well networked and very efficient. We’ve got access to the highest calibre of legal support through ILP which we couldn’t have dreamed of getting otherwise as a small charity campaigning for better governance. It’s made a profound difference to our work and effectiveness.

Dr Susan Hawley

Executive Director

Spotlight on Corruption

Their pro bono legal assistance to civil society organisations is an important tool in encouraging greater action by UK regulatory and enforcement agencies to hold UK corporations operating internationally to account.

Katharine Knox

JRCT Programme Manager

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