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ISLP holds Training on Media Freedoms and Digital Rights in Zimbabwe

Last week, ISLP, in collaboration with the Media Institute of Southern Africa Zimbabwe (MISA) held a strategic litigation workshop dedicated to analysing and discussing freedom of expression from an international, continental, and local law perspective, and how it is framed in relation to freedom of the media. The goal of the workshop was to further enable lawyers to effectively refer to and cite international and continental instruments and case law when advocating or litigating for the protection and promotion of the right to free expression.

With various sessions scheduled during the two-day workshop, attendees participated in discussions focusing on a variety of topics. 

  • The Right to Free Speech in the Digital Age examined how rights directly influence the right to freedom of expression as it relates to the right to privacy.

  • Media Law and Policy in the Digital Age analysed the technological advances that have affected the practice of journalism.

  • How State and Non-State Actors Curtail Free Expression and Media Freedom explored the methods used by states and other non-state actors to restrict free expression and stifle media freedoms

  • Threats to Media Freedoms in the Digital Age examined the various threats to media freedom in the digital age.


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