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ISLP-UK to Participate in London Legal Walk

28 May 2019

On Monday, June 17th, the ISLP-UK team will be taking part in the London Legal Walk, a 10K walk around the city with the goal to raise much needed funds for charities that provide life-changing legal advice and representation to communities and individuals in need. 

The underlying principle of this event is that everyone should have equal access to justice, regardless of their financial situation. Unfortunately, in practice, it is not the case. That’s why the work of the current network of charities in the UK, dedicated to creating access to justice for the most vulnerable individuals and communities, is so important. The provision of legal advice and assistance makes a huge difference in reducing debt, poverty, homelessness, and combating discrimination.

The funds raised during this event, go a long way in making a big difference in the lives of many. In 2018, 13,000 people participated in the10K, raising a record-breaking £830,000 that helped over 100 advice agencies to provide free legal advice to thousands of the most disadvantaged people.

As a charity itself, ISLP-UK will be able to keep all the funds it raises from this event.

About the organiser, the London Legal Support Trust

The London Legal Support Trust works to support law centres and legal advice agencies in London and the South East by providing them with grant funding alongside other forms of support. They do this by holding large fundraising events, such as the London Legal Walk, and then delivering the funds raised to the agencies where they are most needed through grant rounds. The LLST also offers its knowledge and experience of the sector to help agencies become more sustainable. It also assists in partnering these agencies with law firms and chambers who want to help them ensure that the law is fair.


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