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Using Fiscal Policy and Public Financial Management to Promote Gender Equality

Janet G. Stotsky

Janet G. Stotsky is an academic and consultant on public policy. Stotsky held various senior positions during her 24-year tenure at the International Monetary Fund and led the first gender budgeting project using fiscal policies and public financial management to promote gender equality. In this article, Stotsky draws on her publication ‘Using Fiscal Policy and Public Financial Management to Promote Gender Equality: International Perspectives’ to discuss how gender budgeting can be effectively utilised to overcome gender disparities.

Drawing from the Rwandan case study, the article illustrates key success factors in effective gender budgeting, and offers recommendations for low income and developing countries to integrate gender budgeting efforts with their United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) across a wide range of public sectors.

Promoting sustainable development, and advancing the UN SDGs is central to ILP’s work in securing economic justice by providing pro bono legal expertise. ILP recognises the importance of working with the latest economic research and practice to secure these aims and so we are delighted to be able to share Stotsky’s insights with our readers.

You can read Stotsky's publication in full here:

Using Fiscal Policy to Promote Gender Eq
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